Friday, 28 December 2012

I thought losing 'virginity' will be a profound episode in my life. Apparently not. To think about the amount of time and effort i put in to come into terms with it and decide finally to do it, makes me feel less and less comfortable with the passing of each second in my uneventful life which is drawing towards an end sooner or later. To realize how much time i have wasted thinking about it is more than enough to make me depressed for the rest of the remaining days. It doesn't, however, concern how and when i lose it. To a greater extend, the fact remains the same: a penis inside my vagina (if at all this is what they mean). It doesn't matter for one bit, neither how far it went inside nor whether he came inside me or not. As far as the definition goes, technically speaking, i have lost it and it was the most ordinary and natural thing to do. There is nothing to discuss about it.

Physical pain
It is less painful to do it when it is an urge rather than a conscious clear-cut decision of a long term plan. Sometimes it can be very painful, sometimes not so painful. I would be lying if i say mine was a very painful one but indeed it hurt. It almost made me scream aloud but did not happen because my sense of acknowledgement of the social environment suppressed the instinct to make any sounds thus avoiding an awkward next-morning fiasco in front of some friends. To put it in a Freudian way to make things more clear, the super-ego overcoming the id. Well... in the end, everything went well. Perhaps, not quite as well as we'd expected though.


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  2. You are still a virgin. Have you ever touched a likla, a dew. Sure, you must have and love-making is like that: the likla has to change and the one who has touched it also. A part of likla goes with the one who touches it. Reading your piece, I must say: make love again and this time, I hope you shall be able to lose your virginity. All the best.

  3. I never even read this! Oh lord!