Monday, 27 June 2011


One early morning,
I went for a walk
along the side of a lake.
My feet stopped moving near a tree.

There I glanced up
and saw the flower blossom
through the flattering leaves.
Its bright yellow colour
blinded me for
a moment.

What a charmed!
I could feel the freshness
when the wind spread its
sweet      smell     into
the air                   around

In the evening,
I went there again.
I glanced up as earlier but could see only
the flying, withered and dried
P     e    t    a   l     s
gliding softly along the wind.

I watched them as they flew beyond
my view and vanished
above the glassy lake
as the moon rises from the east,
bright and round.

                                                              25th October,2010.

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