Monday, 15 August 2011


Papa, I'm so sorry for doubting you. I'll never ever again doubt you again. You have been always right and will always be. I had been misleaded all this while. But it wont continue now. I know exactly what you were talking about. It was all an illusion. I had been so so stupid. I know what i should do now, which things should i keep in the front and which to dispose. Thank god, in another way this must be the happiest moment of my life. I've been set free from this bondage which i had been kept inside since i came here, i dont have to hunch now, i can walk straight and see the right path so crystal clear through my tears. I dont know why it took so much time to realise this. May be i was too stubborn and silly all the way because of my newly got freedom. Anyway, i can put all my trust again to you like i always used to when i was younger, well so to say much smarter and more intelligent than i had been this one whole year. I'm so relief.

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  1. Ashengba lambi,achumba khongthangdi punshida pelhoudaba ama lararoido.GREAT Duty!