Friday, 25 May 2012

Price rise and Manipuri psyche

     The cause and effect of the price rise of the essential commodities is barely discussed formally and intellectually in public functions, seminars and media apart from gossips around the town in a personal level. People seem to be immuned to the price rise although they are aware of it. In fact, people are starting to consider this increased price as ‘normal’. Recently, the price of the fruits has been particularly increased tremendously, as much as double the price two years back. It’s probably as much the same case with other commodities too. Comparing with other states, its sky high. For instance, a kilo of grapes cost only Rs. 30 in Hyderabad while in our state, it goes as high as Rs. 240 per kilo. Imagine the difference! Most of the things, once it gets in Imphal, have a totally different price level. As long as they have not crossed the highways, the normal price remains somehow.
     There are two reasons which affect the price the most. Somewhat, it seems like these two are the only reasons. One of the two obvious reasons for the rise in price is apparently because of the illegal taxes forcefully made to pay to the traders on the highways while the goods are being transported from other states as we all know. Another is, ironically enough, created by the traders, by our own people, by ourselves. In the pretext of paying the taxes, without even giving a second thought , the owners of the goods which are being brought to the state increase the price to as much a level where they can safely lie to the customers. At a time when the price is already too high for the common people, it is indeed a sad story to tell that we continue to cheat each other every second when we get every sick opportunity.
     Rather than solving the current problem of paying the taxes on the highways together, some people are trying to make use of the problem assuming themselves very intelligent to make use of the problem when, in reality, we are practically jumping into a bigger mess in the process. It is high time that the concerned Authority looks into this open secret seriously and takes some effective actions.
    Having said this, I don’t really want to divert the processing mind from the core issue concerning the problem, illegal taxes. The so-called patriotic warriors, separatist and a few others who I have no clue what to call, are executing all sorts of illegal, undemocratic, criminal activities on the highways with zeal to its zenith. Worse, the government is turning a blind eye. Both the Central and the State Government who are responsible for the maintenance of the condition of the highways are competing each other in being silent as much possibly as they can about this unfortunate discourse. In fact, it looks like they all have some secret agenda where they are working together towards building a “better” nation. In the meantime, the common people, bereft of this knowledge, are innocently running along to the trend without diverting the course of the flow. If this really is the case, we can hardly see the bright future we so long to have. Isn’t it late enough for us to realize what should be done to change for better? Finding out the best of the solutions, the implications of this discourse, the impotency of making this happen, all must be given serious thought. 

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