Sunday, 24 March 2013


I do not know,
I do not know,
While I perch on this branch,
Why do I gaze at the other branch
that protrudes out at the opposite side?
With this big fat vulture on my left,
yawning from time to time,
I am engulfed halfway through
Without ever its knowledge.

I do not know
I do not know
If the other side is bright and blue,
As I always imagined it’d be.
I am too exhausted to build the nest,
to search for the needed twigs.
To behold the invisible colorful metropolitan upper middle class bitch,
Running around the streets all day, barking at every passers-by,
with hardly any sound coming out,
frustrates me more and more.
Oozing out of my mouth,
is the mixture of ingredients,
purging out, pushing its way through.

I want to wake up at that other side
Where I don’t have to worry about the bullets
nor the nights, where I can frantically express myself,
puffing out several smoke rings, with lots of brownies and muffins
and thangjing, and ooti, and chagempomba.


  1. Is this? Or am I reading into it? No it must not be. I have been horribly stupid and ignorant.

  2. some of it yes. read it again!