Friday, 1 November 2013

Semester 1.

     We are just one couple among many in our University. He wears blue checked shirts and I wear a blue hairband, sometimes blue skirts. We both love blue. The first guy who I dated also loves blue. But Tamo doesn't know that yet. He will, after reading this. Perhaps, he may get slightly sad to find out about this. Anyways, it is merely an insignificant affinity among us which I happen to remember. This first guy has a blog dedicated to me and writes about him and me in it. Talk about the incompatibility; we are the protagonist of two different stories which can never collide again. I am the lost character, the mysterious invisible girl in his stories. In my story, he is but a person who I first dated, who unsurprisingly changed me drastically, who I can never go back to, whose charming words I'd always avoid. He is a shadow of my past chasing me in vain.

     Everyday, we sit under the tree near the food court after lunch and talk. We talk about education, politics, society, condoms, my sisters and brother, his brothers, food etc. We also talk about Invictus, a movie we watched the night before. We secretly make fun of those random people who are unlucky enough to pass by us. They are a big time entertainment. We give them silly names and laugh casually. Sometimes it's the 'university studs', other times, it's the 'beauty queens', 'class toppers', 'meddlers' etc.

     Often the session gets interrupted in the sight of a certain professor with the phrase, 'There goes Mr. Philosopher' by either one of us, whoever sees him first. He walks briskly in the distance carrying a bag. He has sufficient white hair and a lean swift body. He is seldom accompanied by a woman of his age who has the same physique. Each time they seem to be indulging in a serious conversation as they both walk on the pavement in that same brisk pace. It looks a little fast for their age. His story goes a couple of weeks back.

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  1. Final posts on the blog. Till I don't have anything new to say. Take care my dear. I'm sorry for troubling you the past few months. It was not warranted. I'll write to you. Someday. Find me when you are ready. Whenever that be. You'd know how to find me. Goodbye.চাত্চারাগে।
    If I am a shadow, let me remain one :). Take care of yourself. I always worry about you.
    I hope you found the gift that I left with Adhitya for you? Couldn't meet you so.
    Anyways, avoid my charming words. But I'll be waiting nonetheless, and when you are ready, you can find me. I'll be waiting. These are no charming words, no empty promises. No empty signifiers, no empty words. likla, dewdrops, you were there like that in morning life, i have hope a morning arrives again and when we can have the knowledge to stop the time forever.
    Goodbye dear. You were the best past of my life, the most colorful and joyful ones, like the orchids indeed.
    Take care. Till later. Someday. :)