Friday, 18 April 2014

One Night's story

The heat of the summer is starting to decrease. Perhaps, because of the rains in the last few days. But the temperature is still above 40°C.
Today is Wednesday, 16th of April 2014. The End-Semester Exam starts from 21st, 5 days later.
Last night, I slept late. It was around 2:00. I think. After watching two movies, we went to bed. We exchanged our pillows. He got the softer one, I prefer the harder one. I tried to sleep but I couldn't. There were mosquitoes near my left ear buzzing now and then. It reminded me of the sound that comes out when you scratch on the blackboard with your nails. I grinded my teeth, got up, switched on the light and remained motionless. There it was, an unusually tiny mosquito on the wall just beside the bed. I turned the palm of my hand towards the wall and moved closer slowly. Then I slapped the wall. I felt the heat burning up on my palm.
I looked at the wall, then at my palm. Nothing. The mosquito got away. He heard the sound and woke up. I made him go back to sleep assuring him that I was just trying to kill a mosquito. I sat up for some time, looking around for that pest. But, in vain. I thought I better go to sleep. Just then, as I was about to get up to switch off the light, I saw…. Another mosquito, a much bigger one than the last, sitting on his cheek, its belly filled with blood. I knew this one couldn't get away, its body too heavy to fly or even move an inch.
I refrained myself from blinking and moved closer and closed and……tapped on his cheek. The blood burst out from its belly and smudged my fingers. Scarlet red.
Startled, he opened his eyes and looked at me in perplexity. I showed him my bloody fingers and asked him to wash his face. He got up, washed his face, came back, applied some mosquito repellent ointment and went back to sleep.

Why didn't I think of it before? I applied it on my hands and feet just like he did and lay down beside him, exhausted.

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