Monday, 4 July 2011


       They can’t feel anything because it’s just smoke everywhere. It just passes by like those random people we meet on streets and all. They can’t see anything because it’s all hazy and shadowy and confused. Time slows down rather quickly.
       I felt all numb and, to hell, my whole body was aching when I woke up. I tried to grab the parts in my trend of thoughts and pick it out one by one. But, I couldn’t find it at all. It is like a chain where you tie up the trivial little incidents of your life tightly so that you can undo it and see how it was whenever you feel like. Last night I could not probably tie it up tight enough that it got lose. So to say, I could not remember clearly anything that had happened. But, of course, I do remember. The only thing is that I cannot figure out if it was a dream or if that actually happen for real.
I was aching to try it out so much that I tried it last night. It’s totally believable that I tried it out because there is not so much of a deal about it. And, anyway I always loved to experience new things which I wouldn’t get if I were at home. I took a long deep breath, exhale and put my lips on the opening and inhale deeply. It gushed through the tracks and to my lungs rather slowly but steadily. After the second puff, I felt funny. I couldn’t get up. My body started moving down and I was almost lying on the bed flat. But, somehow, I managed to stay put and brought myself together. I didn’t move a muscle. It seemed like it’s gonna creak any moment if I move. So I did not. Then my eyes stated to burn like hell but still I got a pleasure out of it. It started to pull down itself. It was becoming too heavy if I keep my eyes open. So, I closed it. Currently I could hear only the slow beautiful music and nothing else. It was floating in the air for a while and flew off the window. 
       Their voices broke down into pieces. The pieces, the broken syllables, were flying in the air like a puzzle which can’t be fitted together. But I knew what they were saying. So, I joined the conversation and could answered like a perfectly normal person when they asked me questions. Everyone was calm and peaceful. They lay on the bed motionless, like lifeless dead flies on a stale smelly soggy biscuit. Then out of the blue, I suddenly remembered  something which I have trouble recalling now. I had to get out of the place. I just had to. I got up, opened the door and left the place without looking back again.

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