Monday, 4 July 2011

My Afternoon Dream

 I just had a beautiful dream while I was sleeping this afternoon. It was so awesome. I wish it was not a dream. But, anyway, it will remain just as a dream whatsoever. So, it doesn’t matter much. I only wish it were not. I was talking and enquiring and discussing about everything with this very person as if I had known him for years and years like a good old friend who used to share everything before being separated by some unknown force and who has just been reunited again. He was holding my hands trying to get some comfort among all the strangers staring at us. He hates strangers staring at him for no reason at all. But that’s what people do they just don’t have anything to do these days, they stare at people for no reason.
            The memories come gushing through into my head. It’s starting to come to life like a phoenix which got burnt down to ashes. We were not really that close when we were together I mean when we were in the same school but I kindda liked him. He came to school when the teacher almost started to teach, was often late but not too late just like me. Most of the teacher liked him though he never ever did anything of worthy just because his mother was one of the member of the association which established the school. I would have taken him as a dumb guy if I had not started to talk to him for one simple reason, my mom was also a member of the same association and they both used to work together. So, most of our classmates thought we both were somewhat arrogant. But, he had so many friends when I first moved in as a new comer.
            He never read or study, his mother used to study for him and he had such a bad handwriting that even a chimpanzee can do like that. It was horrible. I still have his handwriting in one of my notebooks. That day he was copying some notes from my book when he had a fight with a friend. Fight in the sense like not a real fight but just for fun. While they were having fun, I lost a slip of my notebook. He told me he was sorry that he’ll copy it for me again. I don’t remember for how long I’ve been standing there when I saw them throwing my books all over the classroom but I clearly remember saying alright to him.
              It was a small school with kids and small children everywhere. It was a torture for me. I felt like catching each and every one of them and get them deported to a place where there is no kids and couples who are dying to have kids. That would have been actually better for those children. They wouldn’t have to wear those dirty smelly clothes everyday which had never been washed properly by those young immature parents who just want to get married as soon as they started talking too much on the phone. It’s all weird. How can they even imagine to get married if they can’t even wash their children’s stuffs properly for even once. One of my friends actually got married when I was 15. I wonder whether she is doing the same thing.                
              I loved watching the fruit laden tree just outside our room with the little red round fleshy fruits on every branch. We would shake it during the break until the fruits fell down so hard that the chowkidar would come there with a stick on his wrinkled hand not to scare us away but to help us get the fruits. It was fun. I often thought about all of us being separated one fine day though m not fond of them much. I have no idea how we become friends. They used to talk to among themselves that he liked me but he dint act like he did. May be he might have but I was not in the mood of attracting guys wasting the precious time so I dint bother to think much about it.
              Why I dreamt about it after almost three years, I don’t have the least idea. I slept too late yesterday that I slept after class for like 2 hours. My body was totally exhausted, as soon as I came back I lay on my bed dead as a log.