Wednesday, 6 July 2011


I’m standing on the balcony,
Listening to my favourite song from
‘The graduate.’
It’s  9 o’clock.
I just had dinner.
Starting to drizzle too.
One, two drops touch my left arm.
My right touches the left arm and
My left touches the right arm.
I hold myself and shrugged a bit.
He swoops down from the mango tree on my left and stands beside me singing me a lullaby.
‘You, soporific bastard.’
Another comes up from down the stairs
 And touches my shoulders from the back
Whispering me words of love.
‘You, worthless. Any other guy out there is better than you.’
Don’t kiss me on the neck.
Don’t kiss me on my lips.
I’m fed up of everything.
I just want to listen to the song.

                        06.07.2011. Wednesday ,9:00 pm.

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