Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Dry leaf

Studded with gems, it’s still hanging there
          like an arrogant super star.
It’s as green as ‘utti’ my mom made
          especially for a special day.
It looks as fresh as my neice
           when her mother left her in the baby walker.
           just after giving her a bath.
It looks so soft, but not as soft as
           that fluffy creature which fell on me yesterday
           and made me itch all day.

The blowing air tried hard
           but couldn’t succeed at all.
It only made it dance
          as if when someone tickles.

Had it turned into brown
        and free from the chain of life,
         It could have just fallen.
        the ground.
and lay there as a faded dried leaf.

                                         November 04, 2010.

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