Friday, 22 April 2011


I remember the day I died!
The sky was getting greyish blue,
Mother told me, ”Go dear, go”.
So, I went after taking a bath.
I could still feel the taste of the dishes I had on the day of cheiraoba,
I saw them near me,
The bright flashes blinded me temporarily,
The movements of the hands and fingers, I can never forget.
I could hear the sound amidst the wind blowing hard.
But, I couldn’t see them passing by my ears every seconds.
All I could see were my fellows and the pale yellow leaves.
Fluttering as fast as we moved.
I was mentally prepared,
I loved doing it,
In fact, more than they do.
I loved it truly.
I woke up early and went,
But I dint get to come back again and tell her
“We have won”.


  1. yam fajeiye....
    i believe there is somthing inside of you thatis forcing your insight to view the part you are exploring.... :)

  2. thank you both of you. i wrote it for khongjom day!