Wednesday, 20 April 2011


They were waiting for us
With its mouth wide open as it is,
What a beautiful beast.
They look gorgeous in white
With the spikes on their head.

One of us flung a coin and tossed a smile
And we were inside.
Deeper and deeper we moved in
Till we reached the deepest.
We saw the veins crept up the exhausted walls,
Which has been with all the kings and queens
Like a withered snake.

The pillars looked like the queen of chess
And stood still as they were destined to for eternity.

Then we found a place near the pillars,
Dark and spooky, where only two of us
Dare to pass through.
The others, they howled and screamed
And were imagining whatever
They could imagine.

Then we realised that we need to hurry
Home or else end up inside concentration
Camps invited by our dictators
For exceeding time limits.

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